segunda-feira, outubro 10, 2005

My life and my love

My life and my love, like a passing storm
Flashing, and clashing and thrashing about
No solace of heart, in me, tends to form
The brighter my day, the darker my doubt
My love's rainbow is scarcely seen by eye
Glowing, and flowing and growing in me
Till it fills and floods and shoots out my side
Far enough, high enough, so she can see
The storm recedes and is forever gone
Gliding, and striding, and hiding for good
So too my life, my love so nearly drawn
Much closer than any that ever could
Oh, pierce the soul, pierce the depth of her heart
Detecting, connecting, injecting me
Hand in hand, we're running to a new start
Where you, I and a world of love will be

William Shakespeare

------- O tio Guilherme sempre foi muito ousado a descrever as emoções mais terrenas.