domingo, abril 16, 2006

So you said i seemed sad. So sad.
That you saw it in my eyes,
that tenderness, that needed to be fed .
But you didn't knew that my spirit was bright, so bright.
And i told you : "Don't be afraid! You just have to give your life, to my life, and i'll give you light."
And so i did. I gave you light, so bright.
You lay down beside me, let me touch your lips
with theese figertips...
...feel your skin below me, above me, inside me.
I don't know about reality,
i don't know if i deserve this reality,
but i dream with the beauty we can make together, if i ever...

A wise man once said: " Beware of your wishes, for they can come true."
This remains beeing my power, my pleasure, my desperate claim.